The Wrecking Crew members: where are they?



The Wrecking Crew were aimed to become the next best thing after Young Money or say, Cashtime Fam but almost 2 years after their breakup, nearly all of the members have gone extinct from the South African music scene.

The team was led by A-Reece who took on some of his closest friends and brothers. The Wrecking Crew consists of artistes like A-Reece Ecco, Wordz, Flvme (formerly Flame), Mellow, Ex Global, B3nchMarq and producer MashBeatz. We take a look at what each of the members have been up to since they announced their split.


A-Reece has been in studio for nearly a year, putting together Paradise 2, a follow up to his debut studio album released under Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Considering the work ethic and roll out A-Reece put in couple of years back, it’s pretty obvious he has a new strategy in place now. Reece has since gone cold and a look at his social media explains the state of things… His fans now typically beg him for a music release, a voice note, Instagram Live, anything at all. His feature in The 808x’s Built to Win Born to Lose wasn’t enough to soothe his fans.

A-Reece’s quietness has arguably increased the gap between him and Nasty C, who for example has released a mixtape and 3 charting singles this year.


MashBeatz the president has also been in semi retirement due to A-Reece’s quietness. The producer was responsible for nearly all of A-Reece’s releases since he left Ambitiouz Entertainment, he also produced hit releases for other members of the TWC gang.

Mashbeatz’s albums Fire In The Water and Thanks for Nothing are still getting plays from core TWC fans due to famine. Aside releasing a mix this year, producing 2 songs for Ex Global and producing Paradise 2… No one knows what MashBeatz is up to these days.



Hip Hop duon B3nchMarQ are part of the founding members of The Wrecking Crew and are one of the few  active members of the defunct group.

Apart from releasing their ASPEN 2 project last year, B3nchmarq still honour collaborations and are currently promoting their single GQ.

Flvme (Flame)

Flvme is by far the biggest benefactor of TWC’s split. The rapper has grown out of A-Reece’s wing, releasing the album Candy Man last year to send a very clear message to those who care to listen.

The Katlehong born rapper isn’t slowing down at all, Flvme recently collaborated with Die Mondez for a joint EP titled Red Light District.

Flvme is currently working on a solo project that’s been titled Winter Nights. Stay tuned.


Fair to say much more were expected from Ecco. The rapper was gathering a cult following before TWC split. Ecco took sides with Flame and continues to feature on collaborations featuring his side of the gang.

Ecco and Flame are currently celebrating 500k YouTube views on their collaboration Serenade. It’s fair to say TWC’s split came a bit too early for Ecco


Wordz is the true wordsmith during TWC’s times. Wordz often has the better verse in several TWC releases and remains with A-Reece’s side of the camp. Wordz is now signed under RUBBERBANDGANG RECORD$ alongside Reece and Mash.

Apart from releasing the “Pièce De Résistance” EP last October, Wordz has been reserved with his words.

Ex Global

Ex Global

Ex Global is not the best rapper in the crew, but makes good music. His 2017 single Does It Make It Right is one of the best songs TWC made till date.

The rapper has released 2 singles under RUBBERBANDGANG RECORD$ this year. He dropped Out Tha 6 and Wildin’ earlier this year hoping for a stellar year. Ex has since disappeared from social media since the release of these two records.


Multi-talented Mellow, like Flame and B3nchmarq is very active, focusing more on his photography career. Mellow shot some of the videos TWC released and was the gang’s official photographer. He also raps on releases every other time.

Mellow is now an accomplished photographer leaving Ecco and Flame to do the music.

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