[LYRICS] Dee Xclsv – Veggies



[Verse 1]

Yeah In the hood with the niqqas that I grew up with Mama told me

“Don’t you ever try to grow up quick”

My uncle was the one that taught me how to pour up quick

We had the hood jumping,

niqqas playing all our sh*t Got the pre-rolls

then we learnt to roll our sh*t

My older cousin told me “Don’t you ever throw up shit”

Had a niqqa that I used to think I’d blow up with

When opportunity’s knockin’, you better show up

kid Moved to varsity, got a change of environment


But when I’m on the beat, a nigga still violent I’m killing beats,

putting rappers in retirement Listen close to the G-Park in my dialect


Remember dreaming about having it all They were sleeping on me,

I had to ring the alarm I was grindin’ tryna get my

shit up on the charts Meanwhile niggas pulling strings,

they palyin’ guitars Damn! That’s a come-up that we

never knew I wish somebody told me ’bout it when I was

still in school Remember Fridays with my fitted caps,

still learning how to rap Thought I had it jumping like a

kangaroo But when I get my first cheque,

pay up off my debt Then I put my shorty in some fuckin’

Jimmy Choos I’m dreaming out loud,

got my head in the clouds But I’m still humble,

so I got my feet on the tiles You won’t make it if you

never put it all on the line This rap dream is a trap,

I’m just tryna survive, real Yeah, this rap dream is a trap,

I’m just tryna survive, yeah

[Interlude] How’d you do that? Uh, workout!

Plenty of rest. You know? Eat your green vegetables

[Verse 2]

Yeah Got a lot of shit weighing on a nigga shoulders

But I’m still driven,

I could prolly use a chauffer Tryna balance reality and

my life on the road Shorty started trippin’ on me,

I’m hardly at home All the problems I’m facing,

I put ’em all on a song But the whole world watchin’ so

I gotta be strong I reminisce about Saturdays on my mama’s couch

When everything I ever needed was inside the house My fascination

with the paper got me runnin’ out I still hit ’em and quit ’em,

bitches lookin’ for clout Jump in a whip, ’bout to do the

digital dash I don’t wanna grow up,

life movin’ too fast Bitches on my scrotum and I’m gettin’ this cash

Prolly shoulda told ’em that we can neverlast I speak to

God about you, he say you doing okay

All I wanted was to put a smile on your face All you

wanted was to put some veggies on my plate

Now I’m sleeping with the bible and I say my grace,

right So everything’s straight ‘Cause now I’m sleeping

with the bible and I say my grace, real


Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah A.M to the… A.M to the…

No matter what happens you’ve got to hang on Yeah


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