LYRICS: Flvme – Jus ‘ A Lil’ Freestyle 2



Flvme - Jus' A Lil Freestyle 2

LYRICS: Flvme – Jus ‘ A Lil’ Freestyle 2

[Intro: AKA & Slikour]

[Verse: Flvme]
Type of niggas I keep around me gon’ give you hell before they show you heaven
And trust me it ain’t even gonna take them boys a second
Do you dirty, leave you hangin’ like a fuckin’ pendant
Just don’t let them three lines make you think I’m a gangster
And if you want some smoke you already know where the gang is
Got your favourite pressed, hella moody actin’ pregnant
While niggas get guns, I use my mind as a weapon
God got me, I do not need no fuckin’ protection
All you niggas the same, I’m seein’ a whole lot of resemblance
Seems like being just really got into fashion
I’m I’m creatin’ waves and I do this with passion
Y’all deserve an Oscar the way y’all really been actin’
Look, puttin’ in work can’t be relaxin’
Heard the shit they droppin’, it’s really soundin’ too average
And as I go on givin’ you magic
Always remember this somethin’ niggas can’t compare with, nah

[Outro: AKA & Slikour]
Every time I’ve spoken to Flvme, he’s always been in studio
He also keeps away
I-I don’t really see him around in the scenes and stuff, I just see him in shows
Which is awesome
I also listen to his music, and I listen to his music and he doesn’t sound like… You know people would say like, he’s like a scrr-scrr like artist
But he’s not!
Yeah, he’s, he’s…
He’s actually like, can make love songs (Yeah)
Can make uh, songs about trials, tribulations
So, I don’t I’d ever thought I’d come across somebody that diverse, you know?
I hope he doesn’t fall into the same traps that I did
The same traps of being like bated by people
Uhm, taking people’s opinions too seriously
I hope he just stays focused on his vision


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