Daliwonga accused of stealing from Tik Tok user




Daliwonga has been accused of stealing the lyrics of an unreleased song teased on social media.

The Amapiano star allegedly took his lyrics from the content of a Tik Tok user named Dimakatso Ephesia.

Twitter users are not pleased by his move and have urged him to credit the lady.

Also the girl who created the Re Squeezeng in the video wasn’t happy with Nandos using it without her permission or paying her Now Daliwonga creates a song copying ALL her words with ZERO credit. This is madness,” a tweep wrote.

Daliwonga better give the girl her publishing and income royalties. Amapiano artists can’t keep getting away with using someone’s IP without discussing it with the creator,” King DMusic tweeted.

Watch the video of the unreleased song and other reactions below:

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