Maglera Doe Boy reveals why he doesn’t call women “b*tches” in his songs



Maglera Doe Boy explains why he doesn’t call women “b!tches” in his lyrics.

In a Twitter post, the rapper says Vince Staples’ song Mind-Trap inspired him to not insult women.

“I don’t call women ‘b*tches’ in my music or real life. I think if you check my music, I haven’t done it in almost eight years now. I heard a Vince Staples song once and he said, Calling women bitches will have you treating your momma different — and that stuck with me,” he wrote.

Doe Boy says he’s also stopped swearing in his songs and all of these have been going on for the past eight years.

“It’s not for ‘fishing’ or ‘simping’. I can never be a man [if] I can’t be around my old lady and my sisters. They know I did crime and all the stuff I speak on, but it would shock them to hear me speak like I wasn’t raised by a single mother and my sisters.

“I remember I said it once on a feature, maybe like four years ago, and it didn’t feel right any more. Go watch my first Sobering podcast, I speak about it.

“I know it’s a hard concept to take in but I actually don’t even swear a lot, even in my music — close to ba

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