Moonchild Sanelly calls on Cardi B for a collabo



Moonchild Sanelly gives all effort in capturing Cardi B’s attention.

The South African star has been quite open about those who she desires to work with musically.

Moon’s desire to work with Cardi was made known in a love letter shared on Twitter.

I wana be her first South African collabo,” Moonchild started her statement.

“Dear @iamcardib Girl Youre so amazing, I’m so amazing. Beyoncé loves me ,u will too trust Ask her I promise. Twaz so good to meet your manager at Coachella 2019,” she added.

The singer’s followers took to action as they joined in calling out the American star.

A tweep reminded Moonchild of how Cardi B slammed South African’s celebrity for not opening the entertainment industry, but the singer reacted by saying:

“Well I’m an international artist from SATHAAA And if the shoe fits wear it I don’t see myself in there in any way so sirrrr whether it’s true or false All I care about is working with the people I love in music and personality.”


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