Murdah Bongz – “Black Motion will be back”



Murdah Bongz might reunite with the Black Motion musical duo

Murdah Bongz says there is a probability of reuniting with Black Motion.

Morda/Murdah whose real name is Bongani Mohosana separated from the group last year to start his solo music career.

However, he got replaced by another musician named Problem Child.

The new member and Thabo are presented as the new Black Motion, and they have released a new single recently, titled, Jabula.

In a video that surfaced on social media, Murdah Bongz assured fans that Black Motion will be back.

“Yes, Black Motion will be back… Not soon, but we’ll be back. We’ll be back,” he said.

“We will just have to iron things out with my bru,” he said in another video.

Meanwhile, DJ Zinhle’s husband recently got dragged by people after claiming he doesn’t know the new member of Black Motion, whose name is Problem Child.

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