Tweezy shares stunning fun fact about himself



Tweezy brags about being one of the most hard-working hip hop music producer.

What gave him this much confidence is because of the plaques and awards received.

The star shared a list of over 25 songs and albums that has bagged amazing wins, such as platinum, gold, awards and many more.

Aside that, Tweezy claims to have 18 awards, and can’t wait to show them off, when he finally has a big house that can contain them.

“I have about 18 awards (SAMAs, MAMAs, Metros, etc) and more plaques to my title. I’ll share a picture of all of them once I care enough to pay for some replicas, which will be the day my home is huge enough to host ALL of them,” he tweeted.

The music producer calls it fun fact about himself.

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