“Use this for inspiration I’m only getting started,” Da L.E.S says as he flaunts all his projects



Da L.E.S shares the cover of all his body of work just to prove that he’s been hardworking all the years.

The rapper claims the reason for sharing the projects is to inspire and appreciate all the supports.

L.E.S says he is just starting and not relenting.

“Let’s start here!! I put the work in. No one can take that away from me. Use this for inspiration I’m only getting started. We working on it all‼️ Everything you see now is because of us. We did that! Grateful for everybody I worked with. I’m nothing without y’all no cap 🧢 Listen don’t let nobody stop you from what you believe in play this all day with that in mind please it’s time for the WORLD TO HEAR US NOW RUN UP EM STREAMS BRO,” he captioned covers.


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