VIDEO: Mr JazziQ – Hamba Naye ft. Pcee, Justin99, MaTen & Jandas



Mr JazziQ releases the official music video for Hamba Naye featuring Pcee, Justin99, MaTen, and Jandas.

Mr JazziQ and the talented ensemble of artists skillfully blend their talents to create an infectious and dance-worthy track. The song is characterized by lively beats, catchy melodies, and an overall atmosphere of happiness.

He continues to be consistent just like when he did on Genesis 99 and Zan’Ten’s track titled Haibo featuring Sizwe Alakine, Dinky Kunene, Pushkin Rsa, Seekay, DJ Biza, Bontle RSA, and Rashid.

The track embodies the spirit of friendship and enjoyment that is often associated with Amapiano music.

With its infectious energy and dynamic production, “Hamba Naye” is poised to become a hit on dancefloors and playlists, offering a taste of the celebratory nature of Amapiano music.


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