ALBUM: Makhadzi – Mbofholowo



Makhadzi – Mushonga ft. Dalom Kids, Ntate Stunna, Lwah Ndlunkulu & Master KG

“Mbofholowo” is a highly anticipated album by South African singer and songwriter Makhadzi.

This album is a vibrant and diverse collection of songs that showcase Makhadzi’s talent for blending traditional and contemporary musical elements.

The album opens with the infectious “Village Party,” setting the stage for a musical journey that traverses themes of celebration, love, and cultural pride. Makhadzi’s signature vocals are the heart of the album, conveying a wide range of emotions with authenticity and passion.

She introduced the albums with tracks like Wagana featuring 2Point1, Gusba Banana & Prince Benza, Tshakhuma featuring Fortunator & Prince Benza, and a few more on the project.

Makhadzi’s ability to infuse her music with traditional Venda influences while maintaining a contemporary sound is a testament to her artistry.

This album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a celebration of South African culture and the power of music to unite people in joy and celebration.

ALBUM: Makhadzi – Mbofholowo

ALBUM: Makhadzi – Mbofholowo

1. MakhadziMakhadzi Intro

2. Makhadzi – Marotho ft. Kabza De Small, MaWhoo, Azana & Sino Msolo

3. Makhadzi – Twelve O’clock ft. Fortunator

4. Makhadzi – Movie ft. Ntate Stunna, Fortunator & DJ Gun Do SA

5. Makhadzi – Mushonga ft. Dalom Kids, Ntate Stunna, Lwah Ndlunkulu & Master KG

6. Makhadzi – Rea Lwa

7. Makhadzi – Tshakhuma

8. Makhadzi – Malala Phoo ft. Fortunator

9. Makhadzi – Wagana Nna ft. 2point1, Gusba Banana & Prince Benza

10. Makhadzi – Siyayenza ft. Nokwazi, Lioness Ratang & Lowsheen

11. Makhadzi – Hodalesa

12. Makhadzi – Mapara (Remix) ft. Babethe Gashoazen

13. Makhadzi – Ndowela

14. Makhadzi – Makhwapheni ft. Kharishma & Naqua SA

15. Makhadzi – Johnny ft. Prince Benza

16. Makhadzi – Tshiwana

17. Makhadzi – Ipase Moto (Malawi) ft. DJ Call Me

18. Makhadzi – Wedding Day ft. Mr Bow

19. Makhadzi – Matodzi ft. Ramzeey & ATI

20. Makhadzi – Shampopo / Mapara ft. Mr Brown & Alick Macheso

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