ALBUM: Sam Deep – iMali Ye Ntwana



ALBUM: Sam Deep – iMali Ye Ntwana

“iMali Ye Ntwana” is an album by Sam Deep that offers a collection of Amapiano tracks that embody the genre’s spirit of rhythm and expression. The title, “iMali Ye Ntwana,” translates to “Child’s Money” in Zulu, signifying the playfulness and vibrancy of the compositions.

Sam Deep’s album showcases a variety of Amapiano styles and influences, from mellow and introspective compositions to high-energy dance tracks. The album invites listeners to explore the diverse sounds and emotions of the genre.

Sam Deep introduced the project with tracks like Thando Lwethu featuring Sino Msolo & Da Muziqal Chef, Patience featuring Azana, BraMfana featuring Daliwonga, and a few more.

Each track in the album tells its own story, capturing the essence of Amapiano in different ways. “iMali Ye Ntwana” is a musical journey through the emotions and rhythms of the genre, offering a rich and diverse listening experience.

With its range of styles and expressive compositions, “iMali Ye Ntwana” is a testament to the versatility and creativity of Amapiano music, providing a captivating journey for fans of the genre.

ALBUM: Sam Deep – iMali Ye Ntwana

1. Sam Deep – Isgubhu ft. Njelic & Aymos

2. Sam Deep – Patience ft. Azana

3. Sam Deep – Thando Lwethu ft. Sino Msolo & Da Muziqal Chef

4. Sam Deep – iMali Ye Ntwana ft. MalumNator & Zwayetoven

5. Sam Deep – Isthutha (Inkinga Abangan Bam) ft. De Mthuda, Mawhoo & Mkeyz

6. Sam Deep – BraMfana ft. Daliwonga

7. Sam Deep – M’use ft. Murumba Pitch & Eemoh

8. Sam Deep – Taximan ft. Nomfundo Moh & Sipho Magudulela

9. Sam Deep – iNdaba Yo Thando ft. Eemoh, MaWhoo & Sipho Magudulela

10. Sam Deep – Lalala ft. Sino Msolo

11. Sam Deep – Moya ft. Da Muziqal Chef, Professor & Eemoh

12. Sam Deep – iMpumelelo ft. Eemoh & Da Muziqal Chef

13. Sam Deep – Bade Lam ft. Malemon & Dr Thulz

14. Sam Deep – RO FASA ft. Eemoh & FakeLove

15. Sam Deep – School Out ft. De Mthuda

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