Oskido & X-Wise – Church Grooves Evolution EP



The “Church Grooves Evolution” EP is an evolutionary fusion of gospel and Amapiano, brought to life by the collaboration between Oskido and X-Wise. The EP is a testament to the transformative power of music, blending spiritual elements with infectious Amapiano rhythms.

From the EP’s opening track, listeners are greeted with soul-stirring gospel vocals, creating a sense of reverence and upliftment. Oskido and X-Wise’s expert production skills ensure that each track seamlessly fuses gospel’s emotive melodies with Amapiano’s infectious beats.

They also opened the project with tracks like Tirela featuring Murumba Pitch & OX Sounds, Uziphathe Kahle featuring Skye Wanda & OX Sounds, and a few more from it.

The “Church Grooves Evolution” EP takes listeners on a journey of faith, hope, and celebration. The EP’s joyful and uplifting energy creates an atmosphere of positivity and unity, inviting listeners to embrace their spirituality and find solace in the power of music.

With its unique blend of gospel and Amapiano, the “Church Grooves Evolution” EP stands as a remarkable exploration of musical boundaries. Oskido and X-Wise’s collaboration is a celebration of diversity and creativity, making the EP a refreshing and inspiring addition to the music landscape.

Oskido & X-Wise – Church Grooves Evolution EP

Oskido & X-Wise – Church Grooves Evolution EP

1. Oskido, X-Wise & Nkosazana Daughter – Dali Buya [Club Mix] ft. OX Sounds

2. Oskido, X-Wise & Nokwazi – African Prayer [Club Mix] ft. OX Sounds

3. Oskido, X-Wise & Murumba Pitch – Tirela [Club Mix] ft. OX Sounds

4. Oskido, X-Wise & Skye Wanda – Uziphathe Kahle [Club Mix] ft. OX Sounds

5. Oskido, X-Wise & LilyFaith – Apayeme [Club Mix] ft. OX Sounds

6. Oskido, X-Wise & Sjijo Majikijo – Insuku Zokugcina [Club Mix] ft. OX Sounds

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