Loatinover Pounds – 4am ft. Blxckie



Loatinover Pounds – 4am ft. Blxckie

Loatinover Pounds and Blxckie collaborate in “4am,” a track that captures the essence of the late-night hours with a sonic landscape that reflects the mood and energy of the early morning.

This collaboration is not just a meeting of minds; it’s a musical exploration that showcases the synergy between Loatinover Pounds and Blxckie, creating a composition that resonates with nocturnal vibes.

Loatinover Pounds recently worked with Maximm, Blxckie, and PsychoYP on Godly.

The track unfolds as a narrative of the late-night experience, where the soundscape becomes a backdrop for introspection and raw authenticity. Blxckie’s verses add depth to the track, painting a vivid picture of the thoughts and emotions that surface during the quiet hours.

The track becomes a companion to those navigating the late-night realm, offering a sonic experience that mirrors the unique atmosphere of the early morning.

Loatinover Pounds – 4am ft. Blxckie

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