Vanco – Deep In It #11 (Deep In The City)



Vanco – Deep In It #11 (Deep In The City)

Vanco mixes something new for his fans tagged Deep In It #11 (Deep In The City).

He includes 11 tracks in his mix with various artists and tracks, as he takes it to a new level.

Vanco’s track has been getting mixes from top artists in the industry. He recently had Caiiro remix his track titled You Got The Moves and Kondelelani on Afro Brotherz remix.

Vanco also appeared massive with Cee Elassaad and Lizwi on Zamekile after he released his Circle‘ love song with Brenden Praise. The song came as a love song where the record producer expressed his idea of love.

He takes it higher on this new track for the week.

Vanco – Deep In It #11 (Deep In The City)

1. Yamil – Wahya (Original Mix)
2. Who Made Who – Abu Simbel
3. Moo_Joo – Jupiter (Vanco Remix)
4. Karyendasoul & Zhao – In Control (Original Mix)
5. Vanco – Oomph
6. Vanco – iSgubhu ft. Soulstar & Given Zulu
7. Frigid Armadillo – Tukaina ft. Ayrosh
8. Vanco – La Ville
9. Vanco – Wensizwa
10. Vanco & Cee ElAssaad – Zamekile ft. Lizwi
11. Vanco – Circles ft. Brenden Praise

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