[LYRICS] Stogie T – The Making ft. Ziyon




[Intro: Stogie T]

We are now approaching the end, huh!
Hope you still with me
I was saying to Bo Brady, You know
We dough to start this one like:
“First winning a Nelson
Break up and everyday I wake up,”
He was like:
“Nah. Nah, dawg
That’s derivative, don’t do that,”
I say:
“You right, you right.”

But you know I’ve always been inspired by how-
How a cigar is constructed, you know
From the seed
To how they cure the leaves
And ultimately how they construct a-
The cigar, you know
The craftsmanship (master craftsmanship)
That shxt inspire me
Ain’t it?

[Verse 1: Stogie T]

I got a heart of a tobacco farmer
That ain’t seen rain in a couple of summers
He place his faith in the God above him
That taught me something
Plant your seeds and plough
Don’t go chasing greener pastures
Wait till the season is out
Beat the odds
Called me foreign
Couldn’t speak the tongue
Really a loner
But I belong when the speaker is on
On eastern shores
Where my seed were sown
Not homegrown
If you agree culture supersedes like GMO
Mom was dirt poor (bro!)
Came from the soil
Year after year like Burna Boy (Ye, ye, ye, ye)
She cultivated a sterner approach
You don’t deserve
You earn it or don’t
You nurture, observe and report
From working the boss
At heart
I wasn’t spared the havoc
Of rose from the hard Rock
From have-nots and bad blocks
To cash crops from livestock
Catch at the night spot


Did you know
When they develop the flavour matrix for a cigar-
If you taste like a some chocolate or coffee in your cigar
That course they grow the shxt in the same soil
Soil as they grow the coffee or the chocolate
Ain’t that crazy
That’s like all natural, all organic
That kinda dedication to like-
To the craft
I think of that everytime I smoke

[Verse 2: Stogie T]

I smoke a Cuban in sixty minutes
What took them a couple years building
I finish in one sitting
You don’t listen for sixty minutes
You look at the number they streaming
And thinking it’s non-hitting
Can’t argue with accounting
Yeah you got me
But on another hand ain’t no flaws in his construction
It ain’t luxury if it’s just sold to the public
They don’t want it if it’s in mall stores in the township
They renounce it
Cause they can buy it
While they get a fake Prada with the logo lopsided
Wanna get admired
On the low unrequited
Never cut a wire or rope when you can untie it
Thats why imma rap it like a calling
Inspect the fact you ignore
Like the back of the tobacco packet warning
The path of charter taught me every chapter was important
Gotta factor the type of bag you are after ain’t in the morgue
This fast life got my peers living half lives
Out of control
I’m a connoisseur
Get the last laugh and barely roll
Hella smoking in my Winston Churchill mode
No bull dog
Been here longer than Castro
Habano, hand rolled
No Phillie blunt smoke
In em pyramids like a Pharaoh
Smell the aroma
Can tell the ammonia from de-ammonia
One looking at em rappers as cut and dry
I’mma smoke em
That’s why we go slow
Savour every toke
Blow heavy scented smoke
Give credit to every grower
The perfect rollers
The master blender
And then the owners
You gon’ know us for crafting latters into an opus
That’s why I’m Stog’, bitch!

[Break: Stogie T]

You know the first thing I learnt when I started smoking cigars
You smoke a cigar nude
You take that little band off
That little label on it
You remove it
Cause you ain’t tryna show off, you know!
To people who can see what you smoking, right?
And ultimately, man
From that I learnt that
We all have our own personal motivation
For doing this shxt
And all I can hope is that I-
I made music that was useful to you

[Outro: Ziyon] (x2)

People only love you when you are gone
And many hate when you are on
Tired of singing the same old song (x2)

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