Are TNS and babymama back? (Video)



TNS bonds with his baby mama, Nothando Mbatha in an eroti!c way after dumping her weeks ago.

The music producer spent quality time with Nothando and his son at the beach over the weekend and shared videos on social media.

Brows got raised after the two were seen being mushy towards each other in the video shared, and it’s raised lots of questions from fans.

Fans expected him to announce their reunion since he officially announced their breakup.

Meanwhile, Tns shared a photo which defined their relationship as just co-parents, hence fans didn’t sweat it, but the recent video shared as seen above has tongues wagging on social media.

In January, the father of one took to Facebook to announce his break up with the mother of his child.

“Now, this is for 2022 for me. I’m officially single. I have made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully, I’ll grow up and learn from my mistakes. I know the Lord will pave the way for me. Beautiful journey continues in love and peace,” he wrote.

“I still love my baby mama but sometimes love is not enough. I had to choose between my work and her – I chose my work. I’m at a space where I cannot date but work hard for my son and her. I need to make more money and in order to do that I had to sacrifice our relationship. We did not fight and there are no hard feelings between the two of us but I had to walk away,” he said.

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