VIDEO: DJ Tira – Korobela ft. Murumba Pitch, Q Twins & Skillz



The video for “Korobela” by DJ Tira featuring Murumba Pitch, Q Twins, and Skillz enhances the listening experience of the track by adding a visual dimension to the music.

The video complements the song’s lively and celebratory nature, providing viewers with a visual representation of the artists’ creative vision.

The video opens with captivating visuals that mirror the song’s energetic and vibrant vibe. As the artists’ performances unfold, the video interweaves scenes that showcase their chemistry and the track’s cultural influences. Choreography, colorful aesthetics, and dynamic camera work enhance the overall visual impact.

DJ Tira released the new grooves from his latest album titled Malume Way.

The “Korobela” video serves as a testament to the power of visuals in enhancing the emotional impact of music. It provides an additional layer of storytelling and expression that adds depth to the track. The collaboration between the artists and the video’s creative team results in a visually striking experience that complements the song’s musical energy.


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