Joyous Celebration – Mayenzek’ Intando Yakho



Joyous Celebration worships once again with a new track titled Mayenzek’ Intando Yakho.

They give their fans a new for the week after also dropping Thank You Lord.

Joyous Celebration included the track in their album titled Joyous Celebration 24: The Rock (Live At Sun City) Praise Version which held plenty of praise songs in it.

Joyous Celebration recently released a new album to their fans titled Still We Rise Album: Live At The Joburg Theatre (Live).

In showing their appreciation, they opened it with Ndenzel’ Uncedo Hymn 377 before taking the next turn on Thank You Lord.

Making a new recognition, they drop this new track.

Joyous Celebration – Mayenzek’ Intando Yakho

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