Priddy Ugly – Rap Delay ft. Maglera Doe Boy



Priddy Ugly - Soil (Song)

Priddy Ugly takes it high with a new track titled Rap Delay featuring Maglera Doe Boy.

He takes the new track from his album project titled Soil.

Coming off the project, he welcomed his fans with Track number one – Soil, and Woah, Woah.

Holding his latest work, he dropped an EP titled Never Pen Era which had tracks like Spiritual Warfare and The Pen featuring YoungstaCPT.

Priddy Ugly made his last appearance on April 2nd Freestyle for his birthday.

Priddy Ugly had appeared twice with his two hits titled A Reminder To You and Rainbow.

Promoting the album, he drops this new track.

Priddy Ugly – Rap Delay ft. Maglera Doe Boy

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