Top 10 Amapiano Songs in 2023



Enter the realm of Amapiano, where infectious beats and soulful harmonies converge to create an irresistible groove that has taken the world by storm. As the year draws to a close, we unveil the crown jewels of Amapiano, presenting the top 10 songs that have set the dance floors ablaze and etched themselves into the fabric of musical history.

The Amapiano movement, characterized by its mesmerizing piano melodies and hypnotic rhythms, has become a global sensation, and these ten tracks stand at the pinnacle of this seismic musical revolution.

From the township vibes to the global stage, each of these songs carries the heartbeat of Amapiano—a genre that transcends borders and speaks a universal language of rhythm and melody. They embody the evolution of sound, showcasing the genre’s versatility and its ability to captivate audiences with its distinctive, soul-stirring resonance.

In this curated selection, prepare to be immersed in the infectious cadence and euphoric atmosphere that define Amapiano. These top 10 songs epitomize the genre’s essence, inviting you to groove to its rhythm and feel its magnetic pull.

Join us as we celebrate the Amapiano phenomenon and pay homage to the top 10 Amapiano songs of 2023—a testament to the genre’s meteoric rise and its unwavering influence on the global music scene.

1. Tyler ICU & Tumelo_za – Mnike ft. DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA & Tyron Dee

2. Mas Musiq & Daliwonga – Gangnam Style ft. DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De Small

3. Uncle Waffles, Tony Duardo & Justin99 – Yahyuppiyah ft. Pcee, EeQue & Chley

4. ShaunMusiq, Ftears ​& Xduppy – Bhebha ft. Myztro, Mellow & Sleazy, QuayR Musiq and Matuteboy

5. Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa & Njelic – Nana Thula ft. Young Stunna, Nkosazana Daughter & Xolani Guitars

6. Sam Deep & Eemoh – iMpumelelo ft. Da Muziqal Chef

7. Lady Amar, JL SA, Cici & Murumba Pitch – Hamba Juba

8. Kamo Mphela, Khalil Harrison & Tyler ICU – Dalie ft. Baby S.O.N

9. Pcee, S’gija Disciples & Zan’Ten – Kilimanjaro ft. Justin99, Mema_Percent & Mr JazziQ

10. Mellow & Sleazy, SjavasDaDeejay & TitoM – Imnandi Lento ft. Tman Xpress

11. Myztro & Daliwonga – Kunkra ft. Xduppy, ShaunMusiq & Ftears

12. Mellow & Sleazy & TmanXpress – Kwelinye ft. Keynote

13. DJ Stokie & Eemoh – Masithokoze

14. DJ Stokie – Awukhuzeki ft. Omit ST, Sobzeen & Zee_nhle

15. DJ Tshegu & Focalistic – Tiya Mfana (Mzokwana) ft. Sims Noreng

16. ShaunMusiq & Ftears, Daliwonga – Howa You ft. Myztro & Xduppy

17. Tyler ICU – NGIMOJA ft. Khanyisa, Tumelo.za & Tyron Dee

18. Megadrumz & Lady Du – Tjina

19. Bassie & Aymos – Izenzo ft. T-Man SA

20. Pabi Cooper & Yumbs – Dali Wam ft. MaWhoo & Nkosazana Daughter

21. Tebza De DJ & DJ Nomza The King – Ka Vulungu

22. Sam Deep – Isgubhu ft. Njelic & Aymos

23. Focalistic – Khekheleza (Dlala Dlala)  ft. EeQue & Thama Tee

24. Jimmy Maradona, QuayR Musiq & Mellow & Sleazy – Wena Wa Pallwa ft. Ch’cco & LeeMcKrazy

25. De Mthuda, Da Muziqal Chef & Eemoh – Sgudi Snyc ft. Sipho Magudulela

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