Top 20 South African Songs in 2023



Step into the vibrant realm of South African music, where rhythm reigns supreme and melodies become cultural landmarks. As the year draws to a close, we proudly present the curated selection of the top 20 songs that have defined the musical landscape of 2023.

From the heart of bustling cities to the rhythmic beats echoing through township streets, these tracks transcend boundaries, uniting diverse genres and captivating audiences far and wide. Within this musical tapestry, you’ll find a fusion of Hip Hop’s lyrical prowess, the infectious beats of Amapiano, and the pulsating rhythms of Afro House.

Each song on this prestigious list is a testament to the artistic ingenuity and creative brilliance thriving within South Africa’s music industry. They serve as sonic ambassadors, carrying the essence of the nation’s cultural heritage and modern expressions to every listener’s ear.

In this celebration of musical diversity, we invite you to embark on a journey through the top 20 South African songs of 2023. Brace yourself for a symphony of emotions, a dance of rhythms, and a kaleidoscope of sounds that exemplify the dynamic spirit of South African music.

Top 20 South African Songs in 2023

1. Tyla – Water

2. Harrycane, Master KG & Eemoh – Dubula (Remake) ft. DJ Latimmy

3. AKA x KDDO – Company

4. DJ Kent – Horns In The Sun ft. Mo-T, Mörda & Brenden Praise (Thakzin Remix)

5. Loatinover Pounds – Sosh Plata Remix ft. 25K & Thapelo Ghutra

6. Wanitwa Mos, Master KG & Nkosazana Daughter – Keneilwe ft. Dalom Kids

7. Casswell P & Master KG – Mangihlale ft. Lwami

8. Oscar Mbo x KG Smallz – Yes God ft. Dearson (Mörda, Thakzin, Mhaw Keys Remix)

9. Lwah Ndlunkulu – Ngiyeza

10. Mthandeni SK – Paris ft. Lwah Ndlunkulu

11. Sykes – Sisekakeni Babies ft. Skillz Musiq & RudeBoyz

12. Artwork Sounds & Bee Bar – Awesome God ft. Kabza De Small

13. Fezeka Dlamini, Nomfundo Moh, Naledi Aphiwe – Uyangijabulisa

14. Flow Jones Jr. – Pramis, Swuh ft. Blxckie & Maglera Doe Boy

15. Dlala Thukzin – iPlan ft. Zaba & Sykes

16. Sjava, Q Twins & Mzukulu – Isoka

17. Pushkin – Zulu ft. Amaqhawe & Philharmonic

18. Inkabi Zezwe, Sjava & Big Zulu – Umbayimbayi

19. Lwah Ndlunkulu – Eyami

20. Lindough – Ok’salayo ft. Freddie Gwala, King Short & DJ Active

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